Rules of the Garden

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Hello All,

Welcome to The Garden. It is a cheerful and fun place. There are flowers of every kind here and some very rare ones too.
We have a few simple guidelines you need to follow when you're in the Garden. Kongregate explicitly specifies that each room owner can determine what is allowed and what is not, in their rooms.
Please no swearing, we know it's hard; but you can do it.
Also we don't like spam, and we are not talking lunch meat here. Spam is nonsense.
And "Please remove all caps before entering the Garden"
We really do not tolerate insults of all kinds. Hateful language is not allowed.
Don't feed the Trolls, please mute them if it bothers you.
All of these things are simple and easy to follow.
We want the Garden to be a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.

If you need any help, have any suggestions or want to say something, :
You can contact Butterfly623 and leave a whisper here.
You can contact Meme44 and leave a shout or a whisper here

Should you have any issues you can e-mail an admin at
If you feel that a fellow user has been abusive, you can report them from their profile.
Welcome to The Garden and happy gaming.

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